The best online English courses and teachers 2023

online language courses

Online language courses offer a number of advantages that traditional face-to-face instruction does not. Online English classes use different methods, such as interactive exercises or video classes, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

What are the best courses to learn English online?

1. Amazingtalker

Online classes and courses are an excellent tool for studying and learning English. That's why the Amazingtalker training program offers the best way to learn English as and when you want.

When you register on the platform, you will benefit from a test to check your level and understand your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you will find :

  • Vocabulary and grammar review sheets
  • Exercises with detailed corrections
  • Statistics to track your progress and identify the points you need to work on.
  • Virtual classes with our network of online English tutors to improve your speaking skills

Save yourself the frustration you may have felt in classic university English courses or English academy classes and join the best tool for learning English online, not for nothing are we among the best online English schools!

Register on the platform now and start improving your English level.

2. GlobalExam

It is the first 100% online language learning website and offers without a doubt one of the best English courses. There are two ways to register to try the free version: through your Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account; or through your email address.

Once you have access to the account, you can browse the platform, choose the language and see the different tools available: grammar and vocabulary study sheets in English with explanations and examples that will help you learn the basic concepts of the language you will need for the exams.

If you feel you want to take the next step and have access to countless exercises, model exams and individualized follow-up with a one-to-one class to learn English, you can sign up and create a Premium account to improve your language level, in this case, English.

3. Duolingo

It is a very complete and totally free website to learn English. When you enter the website, you will be asked to select the language you want to start with, choose the study plan and a route, where we must select how much English you know. Once the route is chosen, the website will automatically give you a series of simple exercises to test our level of English.

For each lesson you study and pass Duolingo will give you badges, record your achievements and allow you to continue with more exercises. The site will ask you from time to time if you want to upgrade to the premium version or continue using it for free. Finally, don't forget that this is one of the best apps for learning English, even if it fills your phone with notifications.

4. British Council

This website is free and allows you to learn English through grammar, vocabulary and simple and professional podcasts, which will help you learn the language even more about certain topics and above all improve your listening skills just by listening to a recording during class. These English podcasts will help you to better understand the British accent, as all the material is recorded by native English teachers.

The British Council website offers good online English courses, such as Learn English and English Online, but they come at a price. What is free are the reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing and listening exercises. There is a section that allows you to speak English, with videos in English of conversations. After listening to it, the website will show you the same video and allow you to put yourself in the place of one of the characters.

5. BBC Learning English

The BBC has an exclusive web portal to study and learn English. The sections are made up of short videos in English about everyday life and then it has activities that we have to solve from that video. It has lessons from the most basic level of English to the most advanced level of English, as well as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation exercises in English. If you are interested in learning British English in particular, this site might interest you.

6. Perfect English Grammar

Exclusively for grammar, this website offers paid courses and classes in English, but you can also find free content. Very useful for those students who want or will have to study English, who want to practice grammar, as they offer PDF documents with very dynamic and easy to print language exercises.

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